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Anuj Nair 

  Anuj Nair's Work of Art


Anuj Nair, a multifaceted personality, with rare combination of skills and talents.

His talents cannot be encapsulated and presented here. This is a brief introduction to 

Anuj Nair.

A child prodigy, Anuj Nair showed his skills with Sound, Light and Words at an early stage. Music is his passion and he has a proven record in this field.

Anuj Nair formed the band The Indix, in 1998 and released the first album Simple Truth  

in 2000. His first Music Video 'My Love For You' released in 2003, is the first 3D animated music video from India. Check this out to know about his innovations in music videos !

Anuj Nair made 'music' with his camera as well. His amazing work with camera can be viewed here : Photographs or at

Anuj Nair's creativity, merged with profound knowledge, found expression in his poems and other literary works as well ( Picture poems ). Being a naturalist and keen observer, his literary works captured the beauty of the nature along with his camera.

    This site is a collection of his work inspired by experiences of his life, which have transformed in the form of Photographs, 

    Photo  poems, Music  and Music Videos. To know more about Anuj Nair and his journey into the creative world of Music 

    and  Art , please check : nation,  News and reviews,



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Title track of  Simple Truth

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